The Sober Sisters Support Group meets twice a week on zoom. Scroll down to the message box to request an invite!

This beloved peer support group is for sober and sober curious women. It’s exactly what we’ve been craving and missing as women in recovery, until now. We figured out the secret to leveling up our alcohol free life. The secret is sincere connection. This group gives us all a safe space to talk totally honestly with no judgement, just encouragement. Each meeting starts with a short reading or someone sharing her story, then people volunteer to share.

The Sober Sisters Support Group takes barriers away from exploring sobriety. You don’t have to identify as an alcoholic. It’s ok if you’re still drinking. We aren’t telling you you have to do a 12 step program if that doesn’t work for you.

We recognize that we are all in the same boat, we can relate to each other, and we need other women. We acknowledge and honor each other’s individual approaches and paths, and offer support. Our shared objective makes us all stronger and more empowered. This collective strength and support makes all the difference between: (1) white-knuckling it, hating that we don’t get to drink; and (2) thriving without ever thinking about drinking; happy that we never have to drink again.

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