The Sisters

Tammie Cox and Nicole (Cox) Murray are sisters and co-founders of Sober Sisters Society, which facilitates social connection to support and empower women. They co-host the hilariously relatable Sober Sisters Society Podcast and together run a multiplatform community, including a popular blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, Twitter, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and more. Follow them at and @sober_sisters_society. 

Lil’ Sis

Tammie lives in beautiful coastal southeastern North Carolina with her teenage son Micah, her three-legged dachshund Otto, and her cats Mordecai and Rigby. After college, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador, after which she spent several years living, teaching, and traveling in Central and South America before returning to the US to teach. She has taught every grade from K-6 and recently decided to pursue a new career. Tammie is fluent in Spanish and holds a BA in Anthropology, a minor in Appalachian Studies, a BA in Elementary Education, and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction. One of her favorite quotes is this…”There is nothing less chic than an excuse” ~Isaac Mizrahi

A licensed acupuncturist with a passion for holistic health, Nicole runs a thriving low-cost community acupuncture clinic. She holds a BA in English Literature with minors in Media Communications and Business, was an Ethnographic Film Fellow, and has an MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In her former career, Nicole worked in nonprofit development and management for organizations addressing domestic violence, homelessness, AIDS (in the 90s), the environment, youth, LGBTQIA+, and progressive media. She lives in gorgeous Southern California with two amazing teenagers and two sweet kitties, Tiny and Kendrick.

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