Brazil, 1975

Tammie and Nicole were born in South America in the early 1970’s. Their parents had served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Ecuador and moved to Peru, then Brazil. We got back to the states in 1975, eventually landing in Maryland for our dad’s work for a big Washington NGO. We lived in a typical middle-class suburb and had mostly ordinary childhoods, with some bizarre episodes mixed in. There were high school parties and some trouble; stories will be told. We both attended east coast colleges, and our paths diverged.


Tammie, pictured here celebrating her first year sobriety birthday in April 2019, is a teacher in beautiful coastal North Carolina, where she lives with her teenage son. She has her Master’s in Education and has taught every grade from K-6. She has been teaching 6th grade for the past several years. She is obsessed with her Dachshund Otto and tolerates her cat Slinky. She is super happy to be sober today.


Nicole is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and owns a community acupuncture clinic in San Diego, CA. Like her sister, her sobriety birthday is in April 2018. She has a Master’s in Chinese Medicine and lives with her 2 teens, Buddy the Golden and Tiny the cat. She is super excited to be working on this passion project with her little sister. She lives for the annual summer family trip to NC, to flop on the beaches. And now she remembers what we do!

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