If I move, I’ll Puke

Good HANGOVER FREE Saturday morning! I can’t even describe how sick I was for so many years. I was ALWAYS hungover. My liver was failing. My stomach was torn the f up. Every morning when I’d brush my teeth I’d have to rush to the toilet to throw up. Every. Single. Day. I’d justify itContinue reading “If I move, I’ll Puke”

I’m Too Good For You

Happy FRIDAY Sisters and Friends!Friday used to be the day I woke up feeling wretched but also the day I didn’t make a solemn promise to myself to cut off alcohol- that soul robbing bastard. That wasn’t a promise worth making because I just KNEW I NEEDED to drink at the end of another long,Continue reading “I’m Too Good For You”

No more Lies

Happy Thursday! Today my sister and I have been talking about honesty. It was a daily challenge during my drinking years to lie about and hide my alcohol use. I’d hide bottles all over the house and lie to friends and family about how much I was drinking. What an awful way to live. CoupleContinue reading “No more Lies”

The Road Less Traveled

Happy Monday to all of you kick ass sober sisters and brothers! Have you ever tried a geographic relocation to escape your bad habits of drinking? Have you ever told yourself that if you just get to a new town, a new house, a new state, a new country that everything will be better? ThatContinue reading “The Road Less Traveled”

No Matter What

Happy Saturday Sober Sister Fam!This is Nicole. I was thinking about how happy I am to make a decision to stop drinking and not question it NO MATTER WHAT. It’s a decision, not a discussion. Or a debate. Or negotiation. I tell alcohol what I tell any child of mine daring to disrespect me: “I don’tContinue reading “No Matter What”

Collect Beautiful Moments

Happy Friday Sober Sisters (Bros too)! As I evolve in my sobriety I am reminded on a daily basis of how I’ve grown and how much I have left to work on. I am able to recognize and appreciate the beauty in front of me when I stay in the moment and don’t let myContinue reading “Collect Beautiful Moments”

welcome to the sister blog!

Hi ladies! We are SO gad you found your way to our community of fun-hearted, sober, and sober-curious women. Welcome! So how did two sisters wind up sober just weeks apart? What makes us alike, what makes us different? How’d we finally put the plug in the jug? Keep up with our blog and listenContinue reading “welcome to the sister blog!”