High Time

A little teaser from our book, Don’t Drink Like My Sister:In this book, we talk about barriers to quitting, including shame, the label “alcoholic,” and drinking culture. .We tell our stories about what happened when we were drinking, the ups and downs of getting sober, and what we did about it.This book is the organicContinue reading “High Time”

What Have You Done For Me?

Alcohol DID give us some things, though. Nausea, anxiety, humiliation, and a mouth that didn’t know when to shut. I got bruises, scabs, scars and stitches. Alcohol helped us choose the sketchy friends and alcoholic boyfriends we thought we deserved. We attract the same energies we put out. I’ll stick with the sober energy. AndContinue reading “What Have You Done For Me?”


I think I’ll stuck with the not column today. I can’t imagine going back to the anxiety and dread I used to wake up with after a night of drinking. I didn’t wait until the weekend though. But one Sunday I’ll never forget. I was in SoCal visiting a friend I hadn’t seen in years.Continue reading “Not”

Sweet Dreams 💫

I never had a problem sleeping. I could fall asleep on a dime. At one point I wondered if I had narcolepsy. Or like a 12 year case of mono. Nope. I passed out every night drunk so that sleep wasn’t the most restful. And I was a bit sick allll the time because IContinue reading “Sweet Dreams 💫”

Over It

I know all of us are over a lot of it. Covid, jobs, grocery shopping and day care pick ups. Everyone does the best they can. The best I could while I was still drinking was less than half ass. How could it be when I was so physically and emotionally sick? Took me aContinue reading “Over It”

Walk of Shame

The DREADED WALK O’ SHAME. The horrors. Once one my best friends (in college) called me to come pick her up. I’d been there before. However… she neglected to tell me that she was calling from a random guy’s house and they were at Virginia Tech! Well, my friend and I lived in Radford soContinue reading “Walk of Shame”

Free Beer!

Never will I ever 😉forget the way that one of my friends met her now- husband on a dating app. She said her made her tagline or headline or about me section just say free beer. She also said she knew it was click bait and that any guy who wants free beer is aContinue reading “Free Beer!”

Evolve, Sisters

It’s freedom. When we thought about never drinking again it seemed impossible, overwhelming, unimaginable. How could we when we’d planned our entire teen and adult years around drinking? I’d find any excuse not to go anywhere alcohol wasn’t going to be. I got tickets one year for a bluegrass festival and when someone mentioned thatContinue reading “Evolve, Sisters”

We’re Not SUPERstitious, We’re Just a Little Bit Stitious

My sis and I don’t mess around when it comes to signs from the Universe. We’re a bit superstitious and maybe that’s how we survived our drunken years. We hold our breath driving past graveyards. No WAY do we not find wood to knock on when needed. We pick up our feet whenever we driveContinue reading “We’re Not SUPERstitious, We’re Just a Little Bit Stitious”

Watch and Learn

If you tell me I can’t, then I have to. The people in my life who didn’t believe I could quit drinking weren’t just trying to be haters. They just knew me. The ones who REALLY knew me? They knew that my stubbornness and I’ll show them attitude was exactly what would work for me.Continue reading “Watch and Learn”