People Pleasing and Binge Drinking

I. Introduction. I’m Nicole. I’m a professional, middle-aged, single mom living in San Diego. I’ve got incredible people who love me and I love them right back. I have a fulfilling, rewarding, challenging profession where I come home every day honestly feeling I’ve helped some people. I have friends who are so hilarious and solidContinue reading “People Pleasing and Binge Drinking”

Life After Quitting

When I decided to let go of alcohol for good, I was pretty focused on just not drinking. I set up new routines and committed to them. I told my loved ones and asked them to support me. I went to lots of meetings, read books and articles, counted and celebrated days sober. When IContinue reading “Life After Quitting”


By the end of my drinking days, it was such hard work keeping a double life going. I was exhausted. I’d wake up wishing I could stay in bed all day, then force myself through my work day and parenting. Alcohol permeated my whole day. I’d start in the morning vowing to cut down, orContinue reading “Obsession”

Boundaries, baby

I never wanted to make waves…until I was drunk. I couldn’t stand confrontation and avoided uncomfortable situations at all costs. My anxiety and addiction helped me to become the best avoidant ever. If it was fight or flight, I’d take flight, thank you very much. On the flip, I’d look for confrontation when I wasContinue reading “Boundaries, baby”

Alcohol Held My Brain Captive

I rationalized my drinking for years. “Look how sloppy Mary gets,” I’d think. “I’m not that bad.” I’d run through checklists. I don’t drink before work, or shake in the mornings. Sure, I don’t sleep well, but that’s obviously unrelated. Name me a mom who sleeps. I’ll wait. Of course I pop open the wineContinue reading “Alcohol Held My Brain Captive”

Shine On

We used to seem to attract negativity in our lives. Situations were challenging. People were negative. We had too much to do and too little time. Now we know that we attract the energy we give out. When we FINALLY put down the drink we could work on ourselves. We weren’t sick and tired allContinue reading “Shine On”

Covid Thoughts

If I wasn’t working a recovery program I know for a fact that I’d be losing my mind during these uncertain times. I don’t know what work and school will look like in the fall. I don’t know if I’ve been exposed. I don’t know when it will end. It’s been such a stressful timeContinue reading “Covid Thoughts”

Always Have an Exit Plan

Tonight I could be celebrating an old bestie’s milestone birthday at the cutest getaway cabin, with women I’ve know going on 17 years. But instead, I’m staying home. I’ll go to a recovery meeting, do regular mundane mom kind of stuff, baby my dog who has a little injury. I’ll work, getting my business readyContinue reading “Always Have an Exit Plan”


Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday. A very good friend of mine told me today that the Sober Sisters is spreading like crazy online. She said we’re like COVID in that way – we’re becoming contagious. I love that we are reaching so many people out there. It’s especially cool because the metamorphosis of this whole projectContinue reading “Contagion”