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  • Day 4 Sober October

    People used to beg me to stop drinking. They just couldn’t understand how someone could keep doing the same things with consequences that got worse and worse over the years. Every time anyone mentioned my drinking, a seed was planted. But I know one thing for sure – when they told me I LOOKED LIKE […]

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  • Demonic Alcohol

    Some say drunk words are sober thoughts. Mine weren’t. I don’t know who that person was but it wasn’t pretty. And I said it all. Did it all. Didn’t remember it all. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a monster when you get drunk? That they don’t even recognize you? One theory is that […]

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  • Sober October

    We know so many women who stopped drinking alcohol for Sober October or Dry January who decided to continue riding this AF train even after their month was “up”. After recognizing how much better they felt they realized exactly how much alcohol stole from them. Money, time, serenity, happiness, fitness, whatever! Anyway, if it’s your […]

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  • Pricy, Pricy

    Not to mention the fact that somehow when I got a buzz on I guess I thought I was #oprahwinfrey because it was “you get a shot! And you get a shot! Sure, you too!” like she used to say on her #favoritethings shows. Though I guess she said you get a car or something. […]

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  • Faking it

    I kept up appearances quite well, even when I started drinking heavily. There were a couple slips of course (getting cuffed and hauled to county jail was not in line with my reputation, but you can be sure only my loved ones knew about that). When I felt embarrassed about getting sloppy drunk around certain […]

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  • Sexy mama

    When my sister and I were little we thought drinking was what made you grown up. We saw our parents drink and have a great time. We watched them and their friends at parties and they seemed so sophisticated to us. They danced, talked, and drank like classy adults. The way we drank was anything […]

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  • Let that shit go

    The mistake I clung to was alcohol. It was always my drug of choice. I started with it and ended with it and there were other things sprinkled in between. A friend of mine told he once that his drug of choice was “more”. I get it. There was never enough for me. I’d have […]

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  • Killing mysElf

    I would do ANYTHING when I was wasted. People would say oh I bet no one would do this (insert something ridiculous, dangerous, or illegal) and I’d happily volunteer. Consequences never crossed my mind. I literally cannot BELIEVE I’m still alive. I’d pride myself on being the badass drunk chick who could drink like a […]

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