Let that shit go

The mistake I clung to was alcohol. It was always my drug of choice. I started with it and ended with it and there were other things sprinkled in between. A friend of mine told he once that his drug of choice was “more”. I get it. There was never enough for me. I’d haveContinue reading “Let that shit go”

Bitch please

I don’t fantasize about drinking anymore. Which is crazy. But I sure used to. I’d glance at people enjoying a lunch on a gorgeous spring day, with a fresh basket of bread and wine in glasses that catch the light. Laughing and clinking glasses and sipping while eating and chatting. It’s weird that I fantasizedContinue reading “Bitch please”


By the end of my drinking days, it was such hard work keeping a double life going. I was exhausted. I’d wake up wishing I could stay in bed all day, then force myself through my work day and parenting. Alcohol permeated my whole day. I’d start in the morning vowing to cut down, orContinue reading “Obsession”

Drinking Doesn’t Make Me SophistIcated

When I was growing up, I saw so many images romanticizing and glamorizing alcohol. I just knew when I grew up, I’d be able to drink. And I’d be sooo worldly and charming and cosmopolitan. I grew up. I embraced and celebrated happy hour and wine with dinner and girls night out. The sad thingContinue reading “Drinking Doesn’t Make Me SophistIcated”

Alcohol Held My Brain Captive

I rationalized my drinking for years. “Look how sloppy Mary gets,” I’d think. “I’m not that bad.” I’d run through checklists. I don’t drink before work, or shake in the mornings. Sure, I don’t sleep well, but that’s obviously unrelated. Name me a mom who sleeps. I’ll wait. Of course I pop open the wineContinue reading “Alcohol Held My Brain Captive”


I used to ignore my intuition. If it told me not to do something and I still wanted to do it, I’d ignore it. My intuition told me not to drink so much. It told me to stop making stupid choices and then complain about the outcomes. I numbed this little voice in my headContinue reading “Intuition”

On Being Sober Mamas

We sober sisters are also mamas. We have 3 teens between us, aged 14, 15 and 16. Our kids have seen us drunk. They have seen us sloppy. We wish we could erase those memories they have. We wish we had been more present for them. Our babies are the most important people in ourContinue reading “On Being Sober Mamas”


Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday. A very good friend of mine told me today that the Sober Sisters is spreading like crazy online. She said we’re like COVID in that way – we’re becoming contagious. I love that we are reaching so many people out there. It’s especially cool because the metamorphosis of this whole projectContinue reading “Contagion”