Do it Today

I drank for many years after knowing I shouldn’t. Alcohol slowly started strangling everything important to me, like a creeping, sinister vine. I let it take my self esteem, my work ethic, my sense of responsibility, my hobbies, my peace and my joy. For a few years, I could somewhat control my alcohol use. I’dContinue reading “Do it Today”

Always Have an Exit Plan

Tonight I could be celebrating an old bestie’s milestone birthday at the cutest getaway cabin, with women I’ve know going on 17 years. But instead, I’m staying home. I’ll go to a recovery meeting, do regular mundane mom kind of stuff, baby my dog who has a little injury. I’ll work, getting my business readyContinue reading “Always Have an Exit Plan”

I’m Too Good For You

Happy FRIDAY Sisters and Friends!Friday used to be the day I woke up feeling wretched but also the day I didn’t make a solemn promise to myself to cut off alcohol- that soul robbing bastard. That wasn’t a promise worth making because I just KNEW I NEEDED to drink at the end of another long,Continue reading “I’m Too Good For You”

Bye Bye Barriers

Hello Friends and Sisters! I was just thinking about why it took me so long to become alcohol free when I knew deep down I really had a problem.  People talk about this ad nauseum. Why do some people (let’s stick with women) who clearly need help not just go to rehab or AA already? SomeContinue reading “Bye Bye Barriers”

Take A RIde on The Soul Train

Happy SUNDAY Sober Family! I wanted to just write “fam” but my teenage son would call me “cringey” all day if I did that and I just don’t have the energy to fight that battle. Not today, Satan. Not today. One of the shows we used to love in the 70s was Soul Train. ThoseContinue reading “Take A RIde on The Soul Train”

Show Yourself Some Love ❤️

Hey sisters! I was just thinking about how giving up drinking was a huge gesture of self love. And that can be so hard, loving myself. My inner critic can be mean. And unforgiving. This was especially true in the pergatory I found myself in- when I KNEW I had an escalating drinking problem andContinue reading “Show Yourself Some Love ❤️”