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Don’t Drink Like My Sister—NEW BOOK!

Have you ever thought that you had an itch that only alcohol could scratch? The Sober Sisters have a suggestion. Just be itchy, b*tch. As we say in the hilariously raw, honest, and groundbreaking book (think bite-sized social media-type posts), Don’t Drink Like My Sister, we’ll addict the sh*t out of anything. If you’re looking to Woman Up, Level Up, and Sober Up in a completely innovative way, open this book. We’re positive you won’t regret it. Get to know the real-life OG Sober Sisters through their ups and downs from drinking as tweens in Maryland to navigating “Mommy Wine Culture” as forty-something single moms in both California and North Carolina. Sometimes we don’t hide the cracks in our double lives as well as we think. Especially in a blackout. Hang on tight for the ride of your life. And always remember…keep it simple today. 🖤Tammie and Nicole

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Nicole and Tammie

Nicole Murray and Tammie Cox are sisters and co-founders of the Sober Sisters Society, which facilitates social connection to support and empower women. They co-host the hilariously relatable Sober Sisters Society Podcast and together run a multiplatform community, including a popular blog and well-loved support group.

Meet the sisters!

Sober Sisters Society Podcast

Relatable, hilarious, practical real life sober sisters Nicole and Tammie take you back stories from the 70s and the rest of their past, then relate it to the sober topic of the day. Join listeners from nearly 3,000 cities in 70 countries at the Sober Sisters Society Podcast.

Just another Sober Sisters portal to sober support at your fingertips. 🖤

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And ALWAYS remember… Don’t Drink Like My Sister

Sober Sisters Society Blog

Our blog is kind of like a public recovery diary. We openly and honestly share our experiences, in hope of being helpful. We take turns writing for the blog. At some point, we will be recruiting guest Sober Sisters bloggers from our community. We can’t wait to see what you share!!

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