Just Quit

A beautiful share by a badass woman last night in our Zoom brought back so many memories from my drinking years. She said that one day her man looked at her and said, “I love you and we have to do something about this”. She stopped drinking that day and


A lot of us seem to be guys girls. We could hang with the guys and often out drink them. I preferred spending time with men. I used to say it was because they shied away from drama. I was so ignorant. First of all, obviously not all men are

Wouldn’t it be more accurate if the alcohol industry had ads with sloppy drinkers falling down? If they had a friend holding another’s hair back while she threw up? How about getting pulled for a DUI? Every ad I’ve seen makes alcohol look like it’s adding to a sophisticated night

I pity the fool

It’s the pity that gets me every time. Sure, some people don’t like me. Sure, some don’t like my sis. But to pity us?! 😡 I would see the look between friends when I was getting too sloppy. The one look like who’s going to babysit her crazy ass tonight?

It didn’t need to be Friday for these sisters to have a happy hour. Sadly, though, these weren’t happy and they sure didn’t last for only an hour. We didn’t mind drinking alone. Too much to do to go out and socialize! Really it was that if we did, we


PAWS refers to any symptoms that persist after acute withdrawal has resolved. It can feel like a “rollercoaster” of symptoms, which come and go unexpectedly. Each episode of PAWS can last for a few days, and these can continue cyclically for a year. These symptoms can occur with any intoxicating substance,

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. One of my “defects” is being stubborn. Like I will stick to what I think is right no matter what. It was a huge detriment when I was still in the cups, as I told myself I can drink what I

I tried so hard to keep up the facade that my life was peachy keen, jellybeans. I don’t need any help, thanks anyway. The cracks had been showing for years and I couldn’t seem to patch them as quickly as I used to. I also didn’t seem to care as


Just typing this list gives me anxiety. Everything on it was me every single day. That’s no way to live. Shit, that’s no way to die. The fact of the matter is that I didn’t even want to quit drinking because I was full of fear. Fear of the unknown.

Don’t forget

And it wasn’t at a huge event making an ass out of myself in front of 100 eyewitnesses. It was much sadder. I was alone in my house on a gorgeous spring day, blinds closed, drinking alone. I couldn’t stand being in my own skin. I numbed every feeling, instinct,

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