Bitch, You Don’t Drink Like That

HELLO SISTERS! Who woke up sober today? 👯‍♀️⭐️🔥🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ My sister and I were just talking. Here’s the lowdown on that little chat. On a holiday weekend such as this, one might romanticize, glamorize, or even obsess over the drink. It’s the little things we miss, those incredible moments. The glistening ✨ of a lovely wineContinue reading “Bitch, You Don’t Drink Like That”

Self Sabotage

The sisters have been reflecting on self-sabotage. Why did we continue to do things that hurt us? Why continue to drink when we knew it would only lead to anxiety, humiliation, and regret? Drinking became a habit and we saw it as a solution to our anxiety. We saw alcohol as a reward for workingContinue reading “Self Sabotage”

Show Yourself Some Love ❤️

Hey sisters! I was just thinking about how giving up drinking was a huge gesture of self love. And that can be so hard, loving myself. My inner critic can be mean. And unforgiving. This was especially true in the pergatory I found myself in- when I KNEW I had an escalating drinking problem andContinue reading “Show Yourself Some Love ❤️”

Do Something

Happy Wednesday! The Sisters were discussing today that so many people seem to be more problem than solution-focused. We talked about the fact that if someone has the time to talk about doing something then they should have the time to actually do it. Both of us had problems actually getting things done while wereContinue reading “Do Something”


This song always puts a smile on my face and helps me pause and pay attention. Love you all! Don’t forget to keep it simple, sisters. Soulshine The Allman Brothers Band When you can’t find the lightThat got you through the cloudy daysWhen the stars ain’t shinin’ brightYou feel like you’ve lost you’re wayWhen theContinue reading “Soulshine”


My wonderful friend Lori taught me the term “the shamesies”. The shamesies are the worst and often I told myself that I could only get over my shame from something I’d done or said the night before by drinking again. It became a shame-ridden Groundhog’s Day. I can’t believe some of my people are stillContinue reading “Shamesies”

What’s In A Name?

Today Nicole and I talked about names in our latest podcast. I have always wanted to not called “Tammie” because it makes me think of a cigarette smoking redneck hollering at her kids to “come get their damn supper” or some such nonsense. She got the good name all right. We then talked about theContinue reading “What’s In A Name?”


Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday. A very good friend of mine told me today that the Sober Sisters is spreading like crazy online. She said we’re like COVID in that way – we’re becoming contagious. I love that we are reaching so many people out there. It’s especially cool because the metamorphosis of this whole projectContinue reading “Contagion”