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  • FriYAY

    I was so sick of people at work telling me about the inappropriate things I did over the weekend. Since I wasn’t going to change my behavior WHEN I drank, I had to change my life so I NEVER drank. At that moment, things started looking up. Happy Friday, Sisters! Keep it simple today. . […]

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  • Deuces, Spirits

    We were raised to be good people. We knew right from wrong. But we didn’t make the most incredible choices after tossing a few back. As soon as we walked away for good from that toxic liquid in whatever flavor, we relearned how to be the sisters we were meant to be. And now that […]

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  • Relapse? Nah. Reset.

    So last night somebody asked me, “what’s the one thing that the most people relapse over? Break up? Death in the family? Sh*t day or week or month of work?” I told him the answer was none and all of those. There can always be a “reason” to drink. My answer was, “One of 2 […]

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  • Leveling Up

    We really can do anything and everything. If you can imagine it, you can do it! These sisters never run from a challenge and know that quitting alcohol is more than challenging. It’s also the best example of leveling up we’ve ever imagined. We left behind that as$$$$$hole alcohol and when we did???? We ended […]

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  • Relax, They Don’t Care

    Have you ever tried to figure out how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or years you spent on either drinking alcohol, prepping to drink alcohol, and disposing secretly of said alcohol? I could have written a thesis on something sciencey in the amount of time I spent on that bastard alcohol. The nights of […]

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  • Not Me

    New friends have never seen me sloppy drunk. Old friends are used to the “new” me. It’s not expected of me to be “that girl” anymore. As in omg that girl just faceplanted or holy sh*t that girl is being escorted out because she’s so wasted. It’s a fabulous thing but because it’s not what […]

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  • Sober Concert

    Last night I went to a concert a few hours away. It didn’t slip my mind that when I was getting ready I didn’t have to keep getting a refill of my alcoholic pre-game beverage of choice. I didn’t have to do all of the prepping and planning that goes along with drinking; do I […]

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  • No Thanks, Alcohol

    Have you ever noticed the way that alcohol mandates your life? I only noticed it after I quit drinking. The phone calls and texts before an event – who’s driving (not me!!!!), what are we drinking, do we have enough? Oh no someone got hurt but no one can drive! Oh no I sent a […]

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  • Ride On, Ladies

    I’ll never ever forget the time that I heard a friend tell another “Dude. Sometimes you just have to ride it out.” In that particular instance, he was talking about a “dry-good” (aka – drug) because he knew that the only thing that would make that situation better was time. Triggers come and go. Feelings […]

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  • Easy, Baby

    I used to wonder what ole Lionel Richie meant by easy like a Sunday morning. I mean, I get it but Sunday mornings used to be horrific. Our bestie @sobergirl_glo felt the same way. Sundays for me were to wake up in a panic not knowing who was going to be pissed at me and […]

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