Vanishing Act

Ohhh the oversharing. The promises and expressions of love and friendship and future plans. I did all of these and more when I drank in public. Spilled all my hopes and dreams to strangers at the bars. Told them my deepest secrets that no one remembered (right????😬)
I don’t miss their “friendship” now that I don’t drink. What did hurt, though, was the loss of my “real” friends. When I first went alcohol-free I knew in my soul that my people would be happy for me and would love to grab lunch, get a pedi, go for a beach walk, get a coffee. Took me a while to recognize that if it didn’t involve alcohol then they’d pass. And took me longer than that to recognize that I did the exact same thing when I was saturated with toxic assh*le alcohol. So fear not, Sisters! You have us! Lucky 🍀 ladies! 😂😊♥️Happy Thursday, Sisters. Keep it simple today.

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