La Primavera 🌸

Don’t get me wrong. I love springtime. And summertime. Fall is cool too. Winter can suck it (for me)! But Every Single Time the weather turns warm I’m surprised that my first thought STILL goes to alcohol. All I have to do, though, is look back to see how any of these things in this post end. Yard work? Welp I’d cut some grass (not on a riding mower) with beer in hand and think I deserved a lot more. So I’d do maybe the side yard then “deserve” a break. Drink a six pack, HAVE to get more, by that time I’d blow it all off and forget all about that pesky grass. Garden parties never ended well for me. Horse races too. Lahdddd all the times I went to Preakness?! Cute hat n all and I’d feel like Princess Kate’s sister (what’s her name again? Cute name too!) when I got there. I’d get carried out at some point but not after diving off of super tall coolers people would stack up. Like I was a damn Sex Pistol or something. Beach? Fahhhgetttabboutitt. 😵‍💫🫣😮. So there you have it. Just because it’s gorgeous outside doesn’t mean I’m all of a sudden able to handle the sauce. As one of my bosses told me in 1997, “you’re a good worker but you need to stop letting the sauce take you down”. Thanks Mr. Wiseman. Wise words. From a wise man (I had to do it 😂). Happy Wednesday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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