So I’m thinking that maybe if I write this out I can stop thinking about it. I’m also thinking that I probably should go to bed so maybe my writing will bore me to sleep. Either way! 

As I just celebrated my fourth alcohol free year people naturally asked how I was feeling and if it’s easy now. My answers were basically like yeah it’s not hard for me to abstain from alcohol now at all and the longer I’ve been sober, the more “opportunities” I’ve had to see people getting drunk. And it ALWAYS makes me hate alcohol even more. It also makes me sad for them. I wonder how many strangers felt sad for me? 

But you know what I’ve really come to realize? It doesn’t have to be alcohol. The more I work on me the more I find I need to work on. So I’m still insatiable. Just not with alcohol. And one last thing…how many of us still struggle with addiction and are petrified to even try to stop? Well. If you’re reading this then you’re already doing something. And sometimes something is enough for now. Happy Tuesday, sober family! Keep it simple today. 

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