High Time

A little teaser from our book, Don’t Drink Like My Sister:
In this book, we talk about barriers to quitting, including shame, the label “alcoholic,” and drinking culture. .We tell our stories about what happened when we were drinking, the ups and downs of getting sober, and what we did about it.
This book is the organic next step in our mission to support women on their recovery journey. Our community includes sober and sober-curious sisters from more than 4,000 cities in eighty-four countries (that we know of). This is wonderfully exciting, but not terribly shocking. We’re providing what we crave and have been missing: honest, supportive, and non-judgmental connection with other women.
We need each other as we navigate a world full of expectations, in a drinking culture, in a pressure cooker. Imagine women from all walks of life—coming together to tell our stories and hold a safe space to be authentic, honest, and vulnerable. Encouraging and empowering one another to face fears and drop shame.
Not only are we alcohol-free, but we’re happy about it. We tried and failed to control our drinking on our own. When we feel connected, when we feel our humanness, when we feel seen and heard, when we are given space to work through the root causes of our drinking, that’s when we get a fighting chance to reclaim our authentic selves.
In our women’s community, there is no pressure or judgment. There is open discussion, heartbreakingly beautiful vulnerability and openness, compassion, and encouragement. What we do is show up for each other and share our stories and experiences, which has empowered us more than all the “addiction experts” ever could. What we do not do is promote or criticize anyone’s personal recovery path. We are here to support each other on whatever journey each of us is on.
You don’t have to identify as an alcoholic. .We just want to help you tap into the support that makes all the difference between white-knuckling it, hating that you don’t get to drink, and thriving without ever thinking about drinking. Our community has been our pandemic silver lining, a way to evolve women’s recovery.

soberwomen #sobrietyforwomen

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