The meeting we had tonight has kept me up thinking about way too much to type. I guess I still have a job to get to in 7 hours. But the way that it all played out was this. We all have a breaking point. Alcohol broke me down to the point of thinking that I didn’t deserve better. It was my most consistent habit – treating myself like shit. The subconscious self sabotage where I’d perceive mySELF as the victim. “My life is so hard and I do too much” – not too much to forget to get the liquor o the way home. “Nobody knows the tired of a new mom tired”- I’d forget to disclose the fact that when the baby slept, I chose to drink as much as and as fast as I could. “My man’s an asshole” – but I’ll keep him around just in case I want to use him for a wine run. The time came to level the fff up. And once I started it just didn’t stop. I get to be me for this lifetime so it’s time to make it worth it. And drowning my soul in the spirits clouded my vision on all levels. I hope you all have a fabulous Friday! Sweet dreams, sober family.

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