Over It

I know all of us are over a lot of it. Covid, jobs, grocery shopping and day care pick ups. Everyone does the best they can. The best I could while I was still drinking was less than half ass. How could it be when I was so physically and emotionally sick? Took me a year to feel somewhat human again. The way this year is going has been shocking to put it mildly. Work today was…let’s just say less than stellar. At home…the fridge broke (like BROKE broke), the floors underneath need to be replaced, and my 16 year old son’s gf broke up with him 😒. I forgot to get cigs on the way home. I took my dog for a long walk/run/stroll and finally got into a bubble bath. I relaxed for 14 seconds and saw a cockroach the size of a small rodent and screamed, got a shoe, and chased that bastard around the bathroom. If I didn’t hate them so so much I’d be impressed by their ability to be smacked down hard and keep going. What tenacity! Anyway. That sucked. But when I thought about it you know what my first thought was? “If I was still drinking I would’ve let that roach and his cousins (seconds and thirds too) just run around bc I’d be too hungover sick or too drunk to even think about dealing with it. Sucks for the roaches but the thought made me smile. There really is no limit to what we can do – but for me and my sis – it has to be without alcohol. Happy Tuesday night, sober family! Keep it simple tonight♥️👯‍♀️.

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