Free Beer!

Never will I ever 😉forget the way that one of my friends met her now- husband on a dating app. She said her made her tagline or headline or about me section just say free beer. She also said she knew it was click bait and that any guy who wants free beer is a good match for her. At the time I said make sure he has a case for your bestie! Now I think about matches, Valentine’s Day, and love in a slightly different way. I’ve also had a minute to reflect upon dates I’ve ruined because of beer (free or not), wine, vodka, mad dog, moonshine, or fireball shots. I don’t think the guys I went with appreciated the fact that I was only focused on where my next drink was coming from rather than the occasion we happened to be celebrating. We have men in our lives now who never saw the drunk side of us and hopefully never will. Alcohol isn’t ever free for these sisters. We have a lot of debts to pay as soon as the drinks stop flowing – apologies to make, legal fees to take care of, and the bar tabs we blew off before being escorted out. Alcohol comes to us at a high cost. Nothing is worth that kind of shame and remorse. Happy Valentine’s Day❤️, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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