We’re not Hungry

I don’t know about anyone else, but my anxiety doesn’t need any more feeding. Not even a nibble. If I drank to relax and unwind, I’d be anxious and wound the next day. It didn’t help to have the shamesies too. I spent YEARS living in the purgatory of drunk, hungover, anxious, depressed. You’d think I’d figure out that the anxiety was much worse after drinking. I knew it but when I don’t want to know something I just pretend I don’t. Just take it from me – it doesn’t work. As my sister says, I’d rather stop drinking and be uncomfortable for a while than spend my life in purgatory. And when there was proof of my debauchery? Like skinned knees or a stitched chin or alcohol seeping from my pores? I burrowed under my covers and tried to hide. Some things are too persistent to hide from, though. So happy Sunday, sober family! We hope you’re living your dreams today. Just remember, don’t drink like my sister and keep it simple today.

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