Watch and Learn

If you tell me I can’t, then I have to. The people in my life who didn’t believe I could quit drinking weren’t just trying to be haters. They just knew me. The ones who REALLY knew me? They knew that my stubbornness and I’ll show them attitude was exactly what would work for me. They also had to wait until I decided to do it for myself. They had a long ass wait 😂😵‍💫

Whether or not your tribe believes in you, just know that we do. We do because we’ve been there. We do because we’ve done it. We’re not angels. We definitely are closer to being good people since we dropped the bottle. It’s not just putting down the bottle, though. We also lost severe anxiety and depression (still have it a bit though), gossiping, judging, and lying. So just think about this – If they don’t think you can, then you have to. And we’ll be by your side (at least virtually) every step of the way. Happy Thursday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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