Cinderella Even Slipped

If you don’t try, there’s literally zero chance of success. I know a guy who tried, and failed, to quit drinking 9 times until it stuck. And I’m not talking about the promises he made to himself after a particularly wild night when he swore he’d never drink again. I’m talking real instances where he poured out every last drop, insisted to friends and family he was done for good, went to recovery meetings and announced his sobriety. Nine times. Some people said he’d never get it- look at his track record. But time number ten was his magic number. Getting sober isn’t a straight line. It’s twisty and turny and messy and exhausting. But if we don’t keep trying we have no chance of succeeding. Give yourself a break if you slip but don’t forget the lesson. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Happy Wednesday, sober family! Keep it simple today

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