I’m No Elephant

Have you ever wanted to erase a day? Or something that happened on that day? I know I have. One of my serious issues when I was drinking was that I blacked out. Every time I drank … at the end. It didn’t even seem to matter what or how much (though let’s be honest, I’m not a one or two drinks type of lady) but more like my brain was over it and shut off as soon as I started. Like here we go again, let’s save her at least the humiliation of actually REMEMBERING the debauchery she engaged in (I mean started). Now I get annoyed when I can’t remember what I did. I’m sober! How can I forget things like I’m not?!? That is what happens when you start drinking at 13 and quit at 45. It’s not the alcohol anymore – it’s the age 🥺😩😡😒🙄.

It’s a miracle to make it out alive. So bring on the new year. I’ll remember everything I can and live life to the fullest. When I forget something at least it’s not because I’m drunk. And who knows?! Maybe I’ll remember an elderly aunt who left me a mint. I’ll even share it with my sister (although if I forgot, so did she). Happy New Year’s Eve Eve, sober family! Keep it simple tonight.

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