We get messages all the time from people who ask for advice on how not to drink. Just a few years ago, I’d have told them – don’t ask me! My car steers itself to the liquor store on a daily! No matter how much I promised myself I wouldn’t, I always did. I ran into a guy I used to see at the CVS where I’d sometimes buy wine (I switched up the places I’d buy it from so the workers didn’t think I drank every day 🙄- not that they cared) and he said, “did you quit drinking or something? I never see you.” Um well yep. I did. And I had to change the route I drive home so I wasn’t tempted. I also had to work out, nap, clean, take bubble baths, and make about a million coffees. Just to get that voice out of my head. Move a muscle, change a thought. Or message us. We get it, we’ve lived it, we know it. And we were OVER IT. You’re not alone. Happy Saturday, sober family! Keep it simple today. 

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