We get messages all the time from people who ask for advice on how not to drink. Just a few years ago, I’d have told them – don’t ask me! My car steers itself to the liquor store on a daily! No matter how much I promised myself I wouldn’t, I always did. I ran into a guy I used to see at the CVS where I’d sometimes buy wine (I switched up the places I’d buy it from so the workers didn’t think I drank every day 🙄- not that they cared) and he said, “did you quit drinking or something? I never see you.” Um well yep. I did. And I had to change the route I drive home so I wasn’t tempted. I also had to work out, nap, clean, take bubble baths, and make about a million coffees. Just to get that voice out of my head. Move a muscle, change a thought. Or message us. We get it, we’ve lived it, we know it. And we were OVER IT. You’re not alone. Happy Saturday, sober family! Keep it simple today. 

Published by Sober Sisters Society

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