Tough Week?

Alcohol never made anything better for us. Never. That’s not to say we didn’t have fun any time we drank. Somehow the fun washed away after the fifth or sixth drink. Or so I’ve heard. When the party stopped for most of my friends I kept going. My off switch is faulty. I knew it was becoming obvious so I did what we do. Switched up where I got my alcohol, did most of my drinking alone, drank before and after a drinking event, always had a few roadies to travel even five minutes down the road. And the guilt and shame when I woke up was debilitating. I was petrified to check my phone because who knew what I’d see? I had to get in an elevator with my boss when I was hungover once. I sucked in and held my breath for the 7 floor ride so she wouldn’t smell the alcohol. 😂 Too bad it was coming out of my pores…on a daily. So if your week sucks, just remember- at least it doesn’t suck like that. Happy Thursday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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