I used to crave attention. If I couldn’t get it by doing the right thing then I’d do the wrong one. I was like a student in a class who always gets in trouble, just to get attention- it didn’t matter if it was positive or negative. At least I was the center. That was my identity for so long it was hard to escape the persona I’d built. On the flip side, the days I was hungover were days I didn’t want anyone to look at me at all. I’ll stay in bed, thank you very much. Don’t call or text, especially if it’s to tell me how wasted I got. I was one of two people. Drunk and annnnnoying, or hungover, anxious, and hiding. I still love attention but today it’s for making people smile or being there for a friend. I don’t need to make sure the world knows what I’m up to. It really doesn’t matter as long as I’m being true to myself, kind to others, and honest…which is possible only if I don’t pick up the bottle. It’s worth it. Happy Tuesday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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