Screw Shame

To say I lived in guilt and shame while I was drinking is an understatement. I’d pretend that it didn’t bother me when people told me what I did the night before. I’d pretend I wasn’t hungover – I’d show them how ok I am! The thing is, I think we (heavy drinkers) are self-conscious and more sensitive than we let on. I drank to become more confident and it turned on me 😡. So what did I do to make it all go away? Drinnnnnkkkkkk. The cycle of drunk, hungover, ashamed, and anxious continued on a loop. I think it’s good to feel bad about fu€king up. We have to deal with consequences from our actions. I don’t think it’s good to beat yourself up over mistakes you made while drinking. We can’t live in that type of shame. We choose to remember our mistakes so we don’t repeat them, but also to practice self – love. We f up. Everyone does. My sis and I turned that pain into hope. Trust me, if we can do it, anyone can. Love yourself a little more today. ❤️

Happy Sunday, sober family! Keep it simple today. 

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