When To Say When

There was never a good time to quit drinking. Not in January because it’s cold outside, duh. Not in February because I’ll NEED a drink for Valentine’s Day (when I’m single I’ll drink double and when I’m not I’m drinking on a romantic date – well at least I’d be drinking)  

Not in March because COME ON! St. Patty’s Day! That would be an abomination.

Not in April because that’s my birthday month. From May to August who could quit?! It’s Summertime!

Not in September because school starts and we’ll all need a drink for that. 

Not in October because of Halloween specials at the bars. 

Not in November or December – family holidays sober can’t be good. 

I made every excuse you could imagine to justify not quitting. I still don’t know why I was so scared to live my best life. Hope you’re all living yours. Happy Wednesday, sober family! Keep it simple today!

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