Kindness is Key

When I see a woman who’s reached that point – we know it – the point where her eyes are clouded over, where she’s falling all over the place, and where her friends are OVER IT, I just want to give her a hug. I can see the pain she’s in. Instead of laughing at her we can be kind. No one plans on blacking out. At least I never did. But that’s all I did. I’ll never forget the time, many years ago, when I went to a party and we were playing beer pong (does anyone play that anymore or am I showing my age?🤔). I met a coworkers husband for the first time that night. After chugging shots of beer for a long minute, he just collapsed. Fell HARD to the floor. I was wasted but I still asked if we needed to call 911. I looked at his wife and she was cracking up. She said ooooh I can’t wait to bring this up tomorrow and make fun of him. Umm are we in a frat?! Why is that funny? It’s not. It’s a miracle that I haven’t sustained some major concussions or brain injuries with all the times I’ve fallen. I’ve got tons of scars from those days though. Inside and out. So today I think I’ll stay sober and be kind. Sounds like an awesome day to me. Happy Sunday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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