Slip Not Fall

I’ve had the days where I swore to myself I’d never drink again, only to find myself at the checkout counter with a case of wine and a six pack of beer (just in case). Those were the days I’d hate who I was and what I’d become. If I couldn’t stay true to a promise I’d made to me, then how could I trust anything I said or did? How could anyone? The truth of the matter is that it took me countless times to make that promise before it actually stuck. Why? Well…first of all I can’t stop once I start. Secondly, our culture is immersed in alcohol and tells us how much fun it is to drink. Third, I thought I deserved a reward for dealing with everything I have to. That reward morphs into a punishment for this sis pretty quickly. When I hid the drunk part of me I didn’t hide it very well. People know. I was making copies a few years ago and another teacher came in and told me that I smelled like wine. From the night before. I was mortified. Now I’m glad she let me know. Someone had to and I sure didn’t listen to my intuition that I needed help. So. Forgive yourself if you drank, be proud if you didn’t, and start the day fresh. Happy Saturday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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