No Halfway

I like things to come easily to me. I don’t want to work hard. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe I think I deserve it. Whatever it is doesn’t matter. I just knew that I wanted sobriety to come just as easily to me as shotgunning a beer. It didn’t work exactly that way. When you put a lazy princess in charge of anything you’re going to meet some resistance. I sure wasn’t lazy when it came to finding a way to get more liquor. I couldn’t half ass my sobriety and wake up one morning and say “holy shit I’ve been sober for a year!” Unfortunately. I did know that what I’d been doing wasn’t working. That I’d promise myself to quit, only to find myself at the grocery store in the wine aisle. It was past time to quit because I sure couldn’t moderate. Rehab got me started. If only for the fact that I was locked away from the rest of society (and stores) for 28 days. After that it was on me. Or so I thought. I’d spend countless hours reading quit lit, going to recovery meetings, working out and sleeping a ton. My brain fog began to lift and I realized that I don’t have to fight this war alone. I have my sister and other sober sisters doing the thing with me. And when I want to quit quitting? I remember that I may be the only example of a sober woman that someone sees today. You’re welcome and I’m sorry! So if I’m not feeling it for me I’ll feel it for you. No one wants to be pitied for their sloppy drunk behavior. I pitied myself for way too long. It’s about time to step the fuck up. Happy Wednesday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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