Drunk not only doesn’t look good. It doesn’t smell good, sound good, or act good. At least not when I’m doing it. I’d spend hours waiting until it was “time” to start drinking again. For what? To get some relief? The relief lasted a few minutes. I’d hit that four beer buzz and breathe a sigh of relief. Then I’d keep going. I’d be unsatisfied until I blacked out. I’d also make sure that everyone around me was just as unsatisfied by harassing them to drink more, stop and get more, and stay up with me for just a bit longer. I looked sloppy, I smelled like a distillery, and my voice got even more obnoxious than normal. The only way to cut me off was to let me pass out because once I start, all bets are off. I’m so glad I’m not that insecure drunken mess anymore. She was sad. It takes courage to say no to alcohol, especially in a culture that seems to be soaked in wine, beer, and liquor. Life is a hell of a lot better since I started saying no. It’s worth it. Happy Tuesday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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