No Faking Allowed

I never did care for faking it. I’m not only referring to orgasms but I don’t care for faking those either. I’ve always been unapologetically myself. That self was an as$hole when I was drunk. And when I had to go places I wasn’t supposed to be drunk? I’d try to fake my way through because I was certainly not going anywhere at anytime stone cold sober. Who does that?! One day many moons ago I was in court. The alcohol seeping out of my pores and mouth made me sick. I thought the bailiff could smell me – I’m sure he could- and my anxiety went through the roof. At least I wasn’t carted off in cuffs …that time 😑. Now. On to sober sex. When I was wasted I didn’t even feel any pain when I broke a bone, chipped a tooth, or tore open my knee. So you can be damn sure I didn’t feel any amazing sex that would lead me to an unforgettable orgasm. Plus- the partners I chose weren’t the most adept. Sober sex is one of the many amazing benefits of sobriety. I don’t fake shit now. Not orgasms, not friendships, not who and what I am. As long as I am honest and loving and seeking peace I’m doing fine. You’ll know if I’m not – I won’t fake that I am. 🙃 Happy Saturday, sober family! Keep it simple today.


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