Fake ID, anyone?

Before giving up the bottle for good I can’t remember a Thursday when I didn’t drink. It started in college where someone told me, “you’re free! Doesn’t matter what day it is here. You can party ANY time”. Well. That was the wrong thing to tell me. Just because alcohol is served on a Tuesday at ten am doesn’t mean I have to drink it. My friend Thea and I had somewhat passable fake IDs by the time we were sophomores at Radford University. We’d get gussied up (in all the best fashions of ‘92- think body suits and/or stirrup pants 🙈) and go to the same bar every week. I thought I was being quite responsible and “adult” when I made sure never to schedule a Friday class before noon. Even that was pushing it. I hope the ladies in college who read this are straight edge af and own that shit. Finally we’re able to recognize that alcohol didn’t make us sexy and sophisticated, it actually did the exact opposite. So enjoy your Friday, sober family! You’ll never have this day again.

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