Have you ever broken up with someone and see him/her years later and wonder how the hellllll you stayed for so long? A friend told me the other day she saw my ex and we spent the next ten minutes sending each other puking emojis and memes. She knew when I was with him that he was toxic for me. Same with alcohol. Looking back now I wonder why I tried for so long to hold on. Just like that ex. I seemed to always remember the good that happened. Oh yeah! The fun party we went to and danced all night! If I continued the story I’d remember being thrown out of that fun party. Alcohol didn’t make me more sophisticated, sexy, or graceful. It made me sloppy, mean, and ugly inside and out. When I wrote my break up letter to booze my shoulders felt lighter. Now I can look at drinks and imagine those same emojis 🤮🤢🤮🤢. I’m way too good for that. Plus I’m not graceful on my best days so no one needs to see me at my worst. Happy Thursday, sober family! Keep it simple today.


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