Wedding, Anyone?

I’ll always remember the day that one of our sober sisters told us that the lady who ran the liquor store invited her to her wedding. And why wouldn’t she? They saw each other all the time. 🤣 After I quit drinking alcohol I actually did miss some of my liquor store and gas station “friends”. I mean…I saw them every day. Sometimes more than once. I avoided these places for at least a year. I drove a different way. After all of that time passed I had to go into a gas station to actually pay for gas (crazy, I know), and I saw one of the regular customers in there. I was SOOOO excited because he’d always been my favorite- a 70-something year old who had a long beard and drove his riding lawn mower there (one too many DUIs). I said HEYYYYYYYY! SO great to see you! I bet you’ve missed me! He said yeah we have but we all figured you were trying to get sober. I was surprised…to say the least. I thought I’d looked like a women who had her shit together and was getting a lovely wine to go with my gourmet dinner. Well I didn’t know why I thought that. I was getting big bottles of rot gut and some cheap beer “just in case”. Of what? 🙄🙄🙄 I guess just in case I ran out. God forbid. Now I run into my old friend and buy him the fountain soda that he likes to drink while he’s at that gas station. For some reason, he seems to always be dehydrated. I’m so glad I’m not. What I’m most glad about, though? Having my sister and our non-biological sisters only a phone call (well for me that’s called a text) away. I love them with everything I’ve got so thank you, ladies. You’re irreplaceable. Happy Saturday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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