To Our Friends That Are Family


I’ll never forget a specific date in April a few years back. I had come home from work an anxious mess. All I wanted was my nap, followed by a few bottles of wine. When I heard that knock on my door at 5 pm I certainly wasn’t going to answer it. Everyone who knew me knew I didn’t do a “drop-by”. If they didn’t know me then I wasn’t going to get the door anyway. I was going to ignore that knock until a very good friend texted me and asked me to come help her. I opened it and there they were. Our parents, three amazing friends, and two intervention ladies were standing there. Here we go, I thought, as pissed as I’ve ever been. These friends were ready and willing to lose my friendship. They know me…yet they still came, read their letters, and took me to rehab. One was so stressed about it she threw up. They helped me pack, took me to dinner, and sat with me until they had my bed ready in detox. The courage and honesty they showed was unparalleled and we’ve never been closer. That’s some grown up, heavy shit they did, just for me. Crazy when I think about how my not so illustrious drinking career affected them. So…here’s to the friends who support us. We can’t do it alone. Happy Friday, sober family! Keep it simple today.


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