9 Lives

Have you ever woken up petrified to open your eyes because of what you did the night before? I used to. In fact, I got so used to it that it seemed abnormal not to. I’d wake up and try to remember what had happened, what I’d done, said, and did. If I was as hungover as I typically was, I’d know it wasn’t good. I’ll always remember when one of my good friends woke up at Virginia Tech after a night of partying in Radford. Once I ended up in Charlottesville, Va. Apparently we’d gone on a road trip (with a cooler full of roadies) and when the cops were called to the house we ended up in I was passed out and snoring so loudly on a couch that even the cops couldn’t wake me up. I literally have no idea how I’m still alive and kicking today but I do know this. If I had nine lives, I’ve used up 999 of them. I don’t think I could get away with the debauchery that comes along with drinking alcohol anymore. Fine by me. I prefer knowing what I’ve done and why – at least until the dementia kicks in. I have a few good years left in me. Happy Saturday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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