Beer Bong

Seven drinks. That’s a good start. The problem was that no amount was enough. I spent more time making sure I had enough alcohol for the night than I did actually enjoying the night. In college the most dangerous game I played was “catch up”. If I was going to get to a party later than my friends I’d be sure to catch up before I went. I couldn’t be the most sober person there – who did they think I was?! One time I was hanging with a neighbor (in college) and we were both trying to get as wasted as we could in the shortest amount of time so we could go enjoy a party 🙄. He beer bonged a fifth of bourbon, broke and fell through a window, and was taken away in an ambulance. You know what I remember most about that? I was pissed that he ruined my night. He could have died and that’s what I was concerned with. I’m glad I’m not that girl anymore. That selfish, judgmental attitude and behavior are gone along with the sauce. We are the lucky ones for sure. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.


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