Prep It Up

I started abusing alcohol when I was so young that I was used to feeling like shit the day after. I never expected to wake up feeling dandy and prepared to knock out my day. Every day I started behind the 8 ball. I played catch up til about two pm. Cleaning up my drunken messes and drinking tons of Gatorade would get me to the point of how most people woke up. Then from two pm on? Welllll I’d be prepping it up for that night of drinking. I had a friend in college who never signed up for a one o’clock class because that’s when she’d watch days of our lives. Hand to god. But for her, days was an excuse to party in the middle of the day. From noon on, she’d be telling everyone it’s time to prep it up! Beers and bong hits for days (and Days😉). It’s all about the prep work, she’d say. We weren’t rookies about our addictions. Today I’d prefer to prep it up like this: a coffee, a work out, a meeting with my sisters, and a Sunday not immersed in shame of what I did last night. I’ve had enough of those to last 7 lifetimes. Happy Sunday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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