Happy Sunday

When I was making this meme I began to think about one of my old friends. She and I could go drink for drink and I guess “impressed” one another with our “talent” 🙄 of drinking so much. One Sunday years ago I got a ride to her house to pick up my car that luckily I hadn’t driven home the night before. She and her hubby were already drunk (because that’s how they rolled on the weekends) and it was 9 am. We talked about the night before and she told me that her three year old woke her up that morning because she was passed out, naked, in her dog’s bed. She laughed as she told me that and I pretended fo think it was funny too. Even then, at the tail end of my not so illustrious drinking career, I thought “what the actual fuck”? I began to remember that I’ve woken up in many a place with zero recollection of how I got there. A field in Roanoke? Check. Outside a bar in Panama? Check. I could go on and on. It’s such a gift to wake up today where I should, in my bed, with no Sunday shamesies. Happy Sunday, sober family! Keep it simple today.


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