It’s a miracle that I can wake up any day, much less a SATURDAY, without a hangover. It still baffles me sometimes. If you were like me, drinking was the norm. It was my go-to for any moment of stress. It was my BFF for celebrations. And it was the love of my life for years. Til I dumped that asshole. My first drink was at 12, my first cigarette at 13, my first blackout at 16. I used to wonder why my friends weren’t as concerned as I was if we were possibly going to run out of booze. It was normal for me to have 3-4 drinks getting ready to go out, a roadie for the drive, and whatever else once we got there. I made sure to have drinks still in my house for when I got home. I’ve ruined weddings, retirement parties, and Christmases. I can’t erase my history but I sure as hell won’t be doing any of that again. If I black out now, someone best take me to the doctor. It’s a beautiful day to be sober. Happy Saturday, sober family. Keep it simple today.


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