Weekends used to be my jam. I don’t quite know why because I drank the same amount during the week. I guess it was because since I don’t work on weekends I could day drink Saturday and Sunday. A few years before I quit drinking I didn’t do anything fun on weekends. I knew I’d make a complete ass of myself if I went out so I’d stay in and drink alone. Never did it occur to me to try to moderate. I knew I couldn’t. I’d also tell myself that it was better than getting a babysitter! I’d be home in case anything happened! Well. If anything happened I couldn’t have helped the situation. I’d add fuel to the fire. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to drive anyone to the ER in case of emergency. Oh well, I’d think. That’s what 911 is for. I thank the universe each and every day for another sober day and the chance to spread a little joy. I also say thanks for the fact that I never killed anyone or myself while I was in a blackout. Happy Friday, sober family! Keep it simple today.


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