Tell the Truth.

I’m overly independent and have issues about having to take care of everything and everyone because that seemed to be my assigned role. One of my besties said to me yesterday- you never got to be a child.

I’m not trying to overshare, just explaining I didn’t have a fighting chance against alcohol until I recognized the truth.

I didn’t ask for help. Literally never. I couldn’t even form the thought. Because I didn’t trust anyone.

My fear wasn’t about living without booze, it was about KNOWING I had to go ask for sober help and not knowing how to force myself to ask. Once I figured that out, I was on my way.

It helped me to reframe what was going on. Instead of getting attached to the thought “I’m broken and might not be fixable,” I thought “I’m doing whatever it takes to get back to who I’m meant to be.”

All I had to do was lose alcohol to find myself… when I thought about it like that i stopped delaying, told the truth, and asked for help.

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