Cute clothes!

My sis and I do like cute, trendy clothes. Maybe that’s being shallow but it’s true. I’d get so excited to shop for a new outfit for an upcoming event or even just a girl’s night out, only to ruin it. One cinco de Mayo I threw up in an elevator all over my boyfriend and crocheted halter I had on. One wedding I attended saw me jump into a pool with my linen dress from New Zealand a friend had sent me. My favorite pair of jeans in 2015? The entire ass part was ripped to nothing when I was running from a bouncer in New Orleans. The issue isn’t the clothes; the outfits I ruined are just a metaphor for how much I was ruining my life and the lives of my loved ones. Alcohol use disorder was a selfish disease for me. I used to say that I could do what I wanted because the only one I’d be hurting was me. Not true. Not even close. People forgive, thank goodness, but when you don’t care enough about yourself to quit drinking and stop pretending, they get tired. I got so tired of my life in purgatory that I had to stop. I couldn’t face the mirror for one more day. Luckily I have my sister by my side. Another bonus? The cute outfits stay cute, even after I wear them! Happy Tuesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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