Just have one

A close friend of mine just relapsed. She told me that she thought she could moderate her drinking and quickly realized she couldn’t. Each and every time I thought I could do that I wound up drunker than usual. At one of my high school reunions I’d been alcohol free for two months. As soon as I got there a friend told me that she’d help me to moderate by holding on to the beer caps of the beers I drank and would tell me when I was on number six. I’m too self aware to have said three or four and I thought, “ok! At six I’ll have a nice buzz and be done!” Six came and went and the next thing I knew I was dancing in the middle of Main Street in downtown Annapolis. So. As you can see. I don’t do moderation. That’s ok with me. As for my friend who relapsed- now she knows. She didn’t lose what she’s already learned in sobriety and now that she’s done more research she can be certain. I’m glad it happened for both of us before we killed someone else or ourselves. Happy Monday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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