Block and delete

I’ve blocked and deleted alcohol. In the past I have had to block and delete exes. It’s amazing how much alcohol and these men have in common. They were abusive, uncaring, selfish, narcissistic, negative, and mean. They could tear me down in an instant and make me feel unworthy, stupid, and ridiculous. They could beat me, insult me, and just about break me. Just about. An ex landed me in the hospital. As did alcohol. When you don’t think you deserve better you don’t get better. Add that to feeling physically sick with hangovers on a daily and I was trapped. Too exhausted to leave but knowing it was killing me. First it killed my spirit, then my mind, and finally my body. Once I stopped I found out how sick I really was. And that’s when I took my power back. There is no substance or person on this earth who can make me feel unworthy. If they try? I’ll block and delete. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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