These are just a few examples of a hangover. There are some who believe that the term hangover came from Victorian England. The lowest form of accommodation back then was to bend over a rope for the night for a penny if you couldn’t afford a bed. Oftentimes people were drunk when they went to sleep there for the night. I know I’ve woken up feeling like I’d slept hanging on a rope. I’ve also woken up feeling like a truck ran me over and while they were at it, put a pile of cat poop in my mouth. Living with a hangover for a day is horrid. Living with a hangover every day isn’t living. It’s existing. I’ve wasted countless minutes, days, months, and years either drunk or hungover. I was sick to death of that way of living. I may not use those hours and days now to save the world but at least I saved myself and my family from more pain caused by alcohol. Happy Thursday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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