Inside out

We had the best morning yesterday with some of our sisters in person for our support group meeting. It’s so nice to have my actual sis here from California and when I showed her around the house (it’s been a while Bc of Covid) I explained how everything is just a medium half broken. Passenger side car window? Don’t open it the glass is kinda fucked up. Don’t set anything on the picnic table. It’s kinda precarious. Oh! Here’s the switch on the fuse box when the power goes off in the one side of the house. Make sure you hold the toilet handle down for a while when you flush but make sure you pop it back up when you leave. Don’t even ask about that sprinkler head. Or the master shower. We didn’t have a spread prepared for our brunch yesterday but we had coffee. The ladies brought everything we’d need and then some. We talked about how if we’d still been drinking we’d have a gorgeous breakfast with crepes and fresh fruit : because we wanted to look like we had our shit together and not have to field any questions. Now I’m fine with the fact that all my stuff is kinda half – broken. I’m not perfect on the inside so why should I pretend to be on the outside? I’m happier than I’ve ever been and who knows? Maybe one day I’ll have the money to pop in a new shower. Either way…it’s all good. Happy Monday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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